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Surrounded by the natural Sonoran Desert beauty of Tonto National Forest, Mesa and Phoenix offer both big city entertainment and outdoor adventure. Known as the Valley of the Sun, the Phoenix area offers something for everyone and for every budget. Beautiful and relaxing 5-star resorts and spas. Outdoor hiking, mountain bike riding, and camping opportunities abound. Find your solitude on Superstition Mountain. Learn about the Native American history. For family fun, explore the many archeological sites, go hiking or horseback riding, or enjoy a museum and art center. Looking for something more daring, try taking a ride in a hot air balloon. Foodies will delight with options that include family farms, wineries, and Agritourism. For sports fans, Phoenix is the spring training camp location for Oakland and Chicago.

Tourists exploring the beauty of Saguaro National Park in Arizona

Little Known Facts:

  • The Hohokam Indians were the first settlers to the area. They were followed by the Mormons.
  • The Sonoran Desert is one of the wettest and greenest deserts in North American, which is why you can enjoy spring wildflowers that blanket the hills.

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