Northwest Arkansas National Airport

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Opened for commercial passenger business on November 1, 1998, the geographic terrain where the airport is located provides tremendous facilities for regional and larger jet aircraft to operate. Only one of two Airport Authorities in the state of Arkansas, the Board of Directors sole purpose is to build, operate, and maintain the facility, including runways, structures, roadways, staff and finances required to operate a modern aviation facility. The airport staff strives to keep pace with the growing demands of NW Arkansas thriving economy and passenger traffic. This is done by initiatives to provide increased passenger destinations and expanded customer service what the citizens and visitors to NW Arkansas have come to expect and deserve. NW Arkansas dynamic economy, coupled with our air carrier partners response to demand, combined to make the Northwest Arkansas National Airport the most eXciting New Airport in the country.

Our mission is to ensure that the safest and most modern aviation infrastructure is in place to satisfy the needs of the traveling public. Environmentally conscious travel and development will be used to protect the natural splendor of the region while providing reliable, cost-effective and convenient transportation for the public we serve.

The Northwest Arkansas National Airport Authority (NWANAA) operates the airport. NWANAA is comprised of five cities and two counties. The cities, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, Siloam Springs and Springdale, each appoint two members to the Board of Directors, as do Benton and Washington Counties. The Board of Directors mission is to build, operate and maintain the runways, structures, roadways, staff and finances required to operate a modern aviation facility. As Northwest Arkansas grows, so grows the airport. The key: Don't build more facilities than you need and can afford. Prudent financial management with an eye toward the future are essential components in assuring facilities are in place at the right time.

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