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Fly Local for our Economy

Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) is an essential part of our community and economic development, providing more than a thousand stable jobs for Northwest Arkansas residents and directly impacting dozens of companies that provide services to the airport. As XNA grows and provides more routes and access to NWA it will help enable our business community to grow and prosper. This mutually beneficial relationship is why it is important for companies to support XNA by Flying Local.

Fly Local for Convenience

Your time is valuable.  Why spend hours in a car driving to (and from) an airport in another state when XNA is conveniently accessible from anywhere in Northwest Arkansas?   Once you arrive at XNA, you will further be relieved by the convenient parking, the ease of going through security, and arriving at your gate in record time.  Our staff and volunteers are friendly, courteous, and always eager to assist.  And best of all, Flying Local means that when you return from your trip - you’re home!

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Map of XNA's direct routes

Fly Local for More Direct Routes

Currently XNA offers nonstop flights to 20 destinations across the United States.  As more passengers use XNA we will be able to attract more direct routes to more locations.  More direct routes provides our patrons with more options and convenience and eventually with lower fares.  Another benefit of more direct routes is that it enables more visitors to reach Northwest Arkansas, increasing tourism and business, and providing economic benefits to all of Northwest Arkansas.

Departure area of XNA

Fly Local to lower your True Cost

Flying local is often more cost effective once you calculate the true cost of driving to another airport.  The Northwest Arkansas Council provides a handy “True Cost Calculator” to compare Flying Local to driving to another airport.  

The true cost of flying:
Travel time
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