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There is so much diversity in NYC, no matter what your idea of a great getaway - you can find it here. Chinatown, watching a Broadway show, strolling through Central Park, or visiting the dozens of museums and galleries, NYC is sure to please. Nightlife, shopping, and any type of restaurant you desire are all woven into distinct and culturally diverse neighborhoods. With a complex but easy to use subway system it’s no problem getting around town. The variety of professional sports teams and major sporting events throughout the year are sure to please any diehard sports fan. And let’s not forget The Statue of Liberty. If you have the time and want to slip away from the big city visit the little towns dotted along Long Island.

Times Square in New York with Cabs

Little Known Facts:

  • Birdwatchers have spied 275 species of birds in Central Park
  • New Yorkers speak approximately 800 languages
  • The first American pizza joint opened in New York City in 1905

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