Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

Get there faster

with 50 flights a day to major cities

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

Get there faster

with 50 flights a day to major cities

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

Get there faster

with 50 flights a day to major cities

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XNANorthwest Arkansas Regional Airport

Our mission is to ensure that the safest and most modern aviation infrastructure is in place to satisfy the needs of the traveling public.  Environmentally conscious travel and development will be used to protect the natural splendor of the region while providing reliable, cost-effective and convenient transportation for the public we serve.

XNA is served by American Airlines, Delta Global Services, United Airlines, U.S. Airways and Allegiant Airlines, with non-stop services to 14 destinations. Customers from NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma and SW Missouri call XNA their airport of choice.

Passenger Baggage Xpress provides lost luggage tags at the Airport.

Passenger Baggage Xpress is a new kiosk at the airport that provides luggage tags to track your bag. The luggage tags are fully integrated in the airlines baggage management network of over 450 airlines worldwide. The fee is $20.00 per year, $12.00 for six months, or $7.00 per month. To register text PBX11339923152 to 70416 or register at

What’s Happening at XNA

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  Flight City Time Gate Status
American3454Chicago08:48 AMA1On Time
Delta5358Atlanta08:56 AMA9On Time
American3599Dallas/Ft Worth11:26 AMA1On Time
United4371Houston11:36 AMA6On Time
American3686Chicago11:46 AMA7On Time
Delta2799Atlanta11:48 AMA9On Time
American3430Dallas/Ft Worth1:05 PMA7On Time
United4179Chicago2:04 PMA6On Time
  Flight City Time Gate Status
American3336Dallas/Ft Worth05:00 AMA7On Time
Delta2535Atlanta06:00 AMA9On Time
United4652Houston06:25 AMA6On Time
US Airways5058Charlotte07:00 AMA1On Time
American3508New York07:05 AMA1On Time
American3645Chicago07:33 AMA1On Time
United6043Chicago07:47 AMA6On Time
Delta6478Denver09:17 AMA9On Time
Delta5358Atlanta09:21 AMA9On Time
American3454Chicago09:22 AMA1On Time
American3558Dallas/Ft Worth10:12 AMA1On Time
American3599Dallas/Ft Worth11:51 AMA1On Time
United5878Houston12:12 PMA6On Time
American3648Chicago12:22 PMA1On Time
Delta2799Atlanta12:24 PMA9On Time
American3430Dallas/Ft Worth1:30 PMA7On Time

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