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Curbside:  Due to recent Transportation Security Administration regulations, no parking is allowed curbside in front of the terminal.  All unattended vehicles parked curbside are subject to being ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.  The free parking for 30 minutes in short term does away with the need for anyone to leave their vehicle unattended at the curb. The airport police are available 24 hours a day for any assistance that the traveling public may need.

Wheelchair Service: Wheelchair assistance at the curb is available through your airline. Please contact your air carrier in advance to make those arrangements.

Handicap Parking:  Handicapped parking spaces are all located in the short-term lot, 185 feet from the front walkway of the terminal building.  Economy rates always apply to these spaces; just point out the handicapped authorization when leaving the parking lot at the booth to assure the correct fees are charged.  All sidewalks provide curb cuts, and the entrance door thresholds were constructed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.


  • Valet Parking :  valet parking service at the curb. Please call SP+ Airport Services at 479-205-1119 or email of
  • Rates are: Up to 4 Hours for $8.00, 4 hours to 24 hours for $18.00.
  • Electric Transport Vehicles:  We have a 6-passenger global electric motorcar available to transport passengers from the airport parking lots to the terminal at no cost.  For more information, please contact Skycap at 479-866-3737.
  • Portable Jump Box:  SP+ Airport Services has a portable jump box for passengers to use if needed in the parking lot.  Please call SP+ Airport Services at 479-205-1119.