Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to sign up for TSA precheck?


Address: 3155 N College Ave #103, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: 479-445-6616


How early should I be at the airport before a flight?

It is the recommendation of each airline that you arrive 90 minutes prior to your departure.

I have a child traveling alone. What do I have to do to ensure their safety?

All children under the age of 15 must have a meet and assist arrangement with their carrier. Please contact your air carrier for details.

Can I pick up or drop off passengers at curbside again?

Yes, as long as you or someone remains with the vehicle during this process. This is for immediate loading and unloading only. 

Can I wait at the gate for passengers? If not, where can I wait?

Only passengers with a boarding pass or special permission from the specific air carrier will be allowed in the gate areas. You may wait on the lower level in the lobby area.

Where can I find parking for the disabled?

There is handicap parking in the front row of the short-term parking area.  It is $6/day maximum. You may also contact our skycap services at 479-866-3737 to get assistance from your vehicle to the terminal if the need arises.

How or where can I store baggage at XNA?

There is no provision for this service at the Airport.

What items am I allowed to bring in my carry-on luggage?

You may visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website or this link prohibited items to see a list of the acceptable/prohibited items you may carry through security checkpoint at any airport.  You can also check out FAA’s guidelines.

Who do I contact for lost luggage?

It is best to contact your air carrier directly through their 800 number for luggage.  Be sure to have your flight information available as well as a file number or bag tag number when you call.

How can I page someone who is arriving on a flight?

You may do this in person at the Administration offices or contact 479-205-1000 ext. 7 to have someone paged.

How can I get a map of the XNA airport and terminal?

Visit our website at Click on the ‘About XNA’ button; to the right you will see ‘Map and Directions’. Click on that, and the information you need will be provided.

How can I check for a lost item?

For items lost in the airport terminal building, email or call 479-205-1000 ext. 7. Please provide your name, telephone number, date item was lost as well as a detailed description of the item in your email.

For items lost on airlines or in rental cars, contact them directly.  Thank you.

What hotels are near the airport?

You can click on the link hotels in the area, and it will show you a map of the surrounding hotels close to the airport.

What rental car companies serve XNA?

The car rental companies at the Airport are Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Thrifty, and Dollar.  These can be accessed by calling 479-205-1000.  Choose option 3 from the voice mail tree (Ground Transportation) for information.

How much do shared ride vans, long distance vans and taxis cost?

You will need to contact the company directly to find out this information.  These can be accessed by calling 479-205-1000. Choose option 3 from the voice mail tree (Ground Transportation) for more information.

How do I find out airline fares between XNA and other cities?

You may visit our website at Click on the ‘Travel Planning’ button and then on the ‘Airline’ link. You may also contact the airlines directly. Their reservation numbers are:  Allegiant – 702-505-8888; American – 800-433-7300; Delta – 800-221-1212; and United – 800-864-8331. The administration office does not have pricing information.

Can I get “real-time” flight arrival information somewhere?

Yes. Visit our website at Click on the ‘Travel Planning’ button along the top. You will then see information for arrivals/departures.  You may also click on the ‘Plane Tracker’ button which gives you real-time flight information as well.

Is smoking allowed in the terminal?

No. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the terminal. A designated smoking area is located outside  on the west side of the terminal.

How do I find out information about traveling with a firearm?

There are strict guidelines for traveling with a firearm. Below is a link to these rules and regulations.

How do I find out requirements for shipping an animal on a flight?

Each airline has their specific requirement for traveling with or shipping animals.  Visit their websites for more information.

Where can I get information about airline requirements for identification, carry-on items and other security matters?

This information may be retrieved two ways.  You may visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website  or contact your air carrier directly by phone or their respective websites.  You can also check out FAA’s guidelines.

This is also a helpful link.



What do I need to do for my minor child who will be traveling alone?

Each airline has its own specific requirements for this.  Check out the air carrier’s website for information about an unaccompanied minor traveling.

How do I get from XNA to other parts of the Northwest Arkansas area?

The Airport has numerous brochures and pamphlets available on the lower level, or you may visit our website at and click on the ‘Visitor’ button along the top.

What does XNA stand for?

This is the designation given to Northwest Arkansas National Airport by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

How do I find out about doing business with XNA?

Visit our website at  Click on the ‘About XNA’ button along the top.  Scroll down until you see the ‘Job/Business Opportunity’ link.  Click on that.

How can I apply for a job at XNA?

The Airport posts any current job openings on its website at  Click on the ‘About XNA’ button.  Scroll down until you see the ‘Job/Business Opportunities’ button and click on that.  If you are interested in working for an airline, each carrier posts their own openings on their particular websites under their ‘Careers’ button.  If you are interested in employment with the Department of Homeland Security (TSA) as a Transportation Safety Officer, contact to begin this online application.   Bravo Service Group, the cleaning service at the Airport, handles their own job applications as does The Paradies Shops.  These openings, when they occur, are posted in the local newspapers.

Can my organization advertise at the airport?

Yes! From eye-catching backlit displays to high-tech digital screens, Lamar Airport Advertising will work closely with you to display your brand’s message in XNA for maximum impact and optimal reach.

To explore the possibilities, contact Amy Lindsey at 479-799-7766 or email at  Lamar Airport Advertising

What do I do if I have difficulties using this website?

Feel free to contact the Airport Administration offices at 479-205-1000 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Someone will be glad to assist you.

When I booked my ticket it said ‘Fayetteville’ on it. I thought you were in Bentonville. Is this the right airport?

Yes.  Fayetteville is the largest city in the area, and sometimes airlines will designate that city as a reference on the ticket.  Our mailing address is in Bentonville, and the physical airport is located in the small town of Highfill.  They are all one and the same and XNA is the only scheduled commercial service airport in Northwest Arkansas.

How do I arrange for a wheelchair for someone?

You may do this in two different ways. You may park your car in one of the lots and call our Skycap services at 479-866-3737 to let them know you need a ride on their golf cart to the terminal.  They will provide you with the wheelchair you need once you get to curbside. You may also pull directly up to the curb in front of the terminal and let one of the Skycap attendants know that a wheelchair is needed. They will assist in getting the passenger to the ticket counter.  Form the ticket counter, an airline employee will assist the passenger through security and to their gate.

Can you please check on an arriving/departing plane for me?

This can be accomplished in two ways. If you have access to a computer, you may log onto our website at and scroll down until you see the arriving/departing flight information.  You may also call the Administration office at 479-205-1000, ext.7.

How do I get to the Airport?

Go to the XNA website at; click on the ‘Getting Around’ tab at the top.  Scroll down to ‘Get Directions’ and you will see the information you need.  You may also call the Administration Office at 479-205-1000, ext. 7.

What size can my luggage be? How much will my checked luggage cost?

The standard carry-on luggage size is 22” long (this includes wheels and handles) by 14” wide by 9” deep.  The standard size for a checked bag is 62” total (length+width+height).  The weight for a checked bag varies between 40 and 50 pounds for domestic flights but check with your air carrier for this information.  The price for a checked bag varies between airlines, so check with your air carrier prior to traveling.

May I bring formula and baby food through security?

For domestic flights, TSA will allow 2 – 3 small bottles of formula through security.  For international flights, 5 – 6 may be carried through.  Additional screening is involved, so allow for extra time.  Infant medicine will also be allowed but will, again, be checked at security.  Dry formula may be transported as well.  Baby food will need to be in 3.4 ounce containers or less.  Snacks, crackers, etc. may be carried as well.

What time does the Airport open/close?

The airline ticket counters and TSA open at 4:30 a.m. for early travelers.  The Airport does not close at night.  TSA closes after the last flight of the day departs.

Can you please connect me to an airline ticket counter?

We are not permitted to transfer calls to the ticket counters or give out their local numbers.  The airlines are staffed only to handle customers who are at the counters to check in.  We will be glad to assist you by passing any information you have along to the appropriate airline personnel.

I lost my ID while traveling. What identification do I need to be able to return?

If you are traveling on a round-trip ticket and have used one leg of the trip, your air carrier will be able to verify this when you check in.  As far as going through security, TSA has a procedure in place to verify your identity as well.

I am going to be traveling for more than a few days. What is the best lot to park in?

You may find this information on the XNA website,  Click on the ‘Parking’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Parking Rates & Map’ tab.  All the pricing information is listed there.  You may also contact the Administration Offices at 479-205-1000, ext. 7.


Does the Airport give tours?

XNA Tour Program

What you will see….

XNA tours allow each group to get a behind-the-scenes look at the airport.  The tour begins at the TSA security checkpoint with explanations on the screening process from TSA personnel.  We then proceed down to the gate area (the secure side of the airport) where the aircraft land/depart.  Oftentimes, there is an aircraft available for the group to board, and the airline personnel explain the procedures involved when actually flying.  In addition, the XNA fire and/or police will have their trucks and squad cars for exploration. Tours will last approximately one hour and can be organized to fit specific needs of the group.

How to Make Arrangements….

Advance reservations are required and may be made by contacting Charles Butcher at 479-205-1429 or at  Groups should be limited to no more than 20 at a time; tours are most appropriate for ages 6 and up.